The joint integrated tourist packages are built over the cross-border area with territory of about 29 000 km2, with almost 1.5 million inhabitants of the regions of Kirklareli (TR), Edirne (TR), Burgas (BG), Haskovo (BG) and Yambol (BG) as a joint destination for variety of tourism, based on the local advantages. The tourism products are structured on common cross-border natural, culture and historical heritage, which is still not well known to international tourism markets.

The significant tourism potential, cultural and natural heritage are important means for the joint development of the area and illustrate the main assets of the co-operation. The culture and nature in the cross-border region are rich, unique as well as diverse and are possible basis for continuation of traditional actions as well as establishment of new joint tourist development actions. The joint integrated tourist packages target two tourism market segments with highest potential for development and capturing economic benefits in cross-border region – Asian countries as one of the world’s top source market and local tourism.

The tourist packages are year-round and combine different tourist services – natural and cultural attractions, transport, accommodation, food and beverage spread across the five regions on the territory of Turkey and Bulgaria.

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Tour program for Asian Tourists

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Tour Program for Asian Tourists

Tour Program for Local Tourists