Round Table on theme: “2 Countries – 5 Districts – One Destination”
Sep 19 all-day

The main objective of the JOINTTOUR project is to increase the opportunities for cross-border tourism in the region by promoting the local tourism opportunities and resources of the five regions. It also aims to raise awareness of cross-border tourist opportunities in the region, presenting it as a common tourist destination.

In this connection, a round table discussion was held in the town of Kirklareli under the cover “2 Countries – 5 Districts – One Destination” which discussed the results of the preliminary study carried out by the experts working within the framework of the project for identifying the tourism opportunities of the five regions.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the local authorities on both sides of the border, representatives of the non-governmental sector, tour operators and travel agencies.

At the event, the experts working on the project presented their preliminary proposals for common tourism packages covering the five districts in the cross-border region.

In the final part, the participants presented their proposals for improving the packages and for building common destinations for the local and Asian tourists.


First project team meeting
Nov 25 @ 06:31 – 07:31

First project planning meeting was held on 18.09.2017 in Kirklareli between the project partners – the Burgas Regional Tourism Association, the Ministry of Tourism in Bulgaria and the Regional Directorate of Culture and Tourism – Kirklareli.

On the meeting the project partners discussed the activities to be carried out by the end of the project, the responsibilities and duties of the partners.

Roundtable event in Burgas was held to discuss joint tourism packages between Bulgaria and Turkey
Feb 16 @ 08:33

Project partners come together in Burgas, Bulgaria with local stakeholders and presented tourism packages jointly developed for local and Asian tourists.

On the round table opening speech was made by the Nuray İNÖNTEPE – General Councul of Republic of Turkey in Bourgas.

In the event, project partners and local tourism institutions and organizations talked about developing a joint action plan to promote the tourism opportunities of the cross-border region, joint publicity campaign, joint integrated tourism packages.

During the meeting, the logo of the joint tour packages in the cross-border region was also selected.

Second trial tour organized by the project partner BRTA: 10 – 12 May 2018
May 10 – May 12 all-day

Project Lead partner Burgas Regional Tourist Association realized its trial tour covering 5 targeted border districts in Bulgaria and Turkey. The Tour included main cultural and tourist destinations in Turkish and Bulgarian part of the border as Thracian and Antic City and archeological reserve Cabile in Yambol, Haskovo Historical Regional Museum, Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Uzunkopru Stone Bridge, St. Nikola Stone Monastery in Kiyikoy, Dupnisa Cave in Demirkoy and many other places.

The first trial tour of the project took place: 12 – 14 April 2018 @ Haskovo-Edırne-Kırklareli-Burgas-Yambol
May 28 – May 30 all-day

The District Directorates for Culture and Tourism of Kirklareli and Edirne jointly organized the first trial tour in the 5 targeted border areas of Bulgaria and Turkey.
The tour was carried out with the participation of Turkish tour operators, journalists, experts in the cultural directorates of Kirklareli and Edirne. The program also included the presentation of the two border Turkish regions at the annual Tourism Fair – My Vacation orginized by BRTA in Burgas.

Last trial tour under the project was realized: JointTour – 5 Districts – 1 Destination – 28-30 May 2018
May 28 – May 30 all-day

Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism – Project Partner 2 realized its trial tour aiming presenting to tour operators and journalists the cross-border region as one joint destination.

The trial tour was organized to show the best tourism destinations in the targeted border places. After the tour there was made a TV show presenting the project and the cross-border destination.

For watching the TV show go to:


Bulgaria is actively promoting in Kirklareli as an atractive tourist destination
Jun 22 all-day

Within the project, a screen was placed on the busiest Kirklareli’s Boulevard in front of the Kirklareli Culture and Tourism Directorate.

On the basis of the partnership that has been implemented under the project, cultural promotional films for Bulgaria as a year-round tourist destination are being presented in Kırklareli.


The cruise line will connect Bourgas and Istanbul
Jun 22 all-day

by Namoreto.BG – 20/06/2019
A fast cruise line in front of the summer will connect Bourgas and Istanbul. In just 4 hours, tourists will be able to get from one of the seaside towns to the other. The line is expected to work from June 1 next year. High-speed catamarans will sail during the day and passengers will have an intermediate stop in the Turkish city of Inadeada, which has the longest beaches of the Black Sea – 33 km. The ship’s capacity is 200 people on a single voyage.

Turkish and Bulgarian Representatives in First Meeting in Igneada Port
Jun 22 @ 11:21 – 12:21

Kirklareli Trade and Industry Chamber:

Mayors and Port Director of Igneada Port welcomed Cholakow Valcho Ivanov, Burgas Consul General Nuray İnöntepe, Burgas Port Manager Diyan Valkov and other officials, Board President İsmail Hakkı Özsan and Board Members, Kırklareli Deputy Mayor Selahattin Minsolmaz. After the meeting, the Bulgarian Delegation carried out the first transfer at the Sea Border Gate, which had just started its operations in İğneada Port.


New tourist offer: On the way to Turkey after dinner
Jul 2 @ 06:48 – 07:48


Donna Miteva

With great interest from citizens of Burgas and people working in the tourism sphere, the seventeenth tourist market “Your vacation” opened.

“On the road after dinner” is a new initiative of neighboring Turkey, which the Consul General of our southern neighbor in Burgas Nuray Inontepe presented at the opening in the Flora Exhibition Center. This initiative, together with the presence of two schools in the city – Sofia University “Ivan Vazov”, where rehabilitators and Konstantin Preslavski School were trained with the guiding class, were the new accents in the exhibition.


Turkey is presenting its tourism opportunities in Bulgarian Fairs and Bulgaria in Turkish Tourism Fairs!
Jul 2 @ 07:13 – 08:13

The Turkish tourism sector promotes its beautiful places of the country at the 36th Sofia Tourism Fair “Holiday & SPA Expo.

In the same way, our Bulgarian neighbors promote the tourism opportunities in their own country at EMITT fair which is visited by tens of thousands of people every year and held in Istanbul.